“Thirst Extinguisher” Cocktail Set by George Briard

"Thirst Extinguisher" Cocktail Set by George Briard“Thirst Extinguisher” Cocktail Set by George Briard

Set of 13 “Thirst Extinguisher” pattern cocktail set. The set includes eight highballs, four double old fashioneds and a cocktail pitcher.

All decorated in 22-karat gold with black and red enamel. Each piece with a fire extinguisher on the front and four columns of fire fighting themed badges and emblems to the sides and back, signed Georges Briard. The fire extinguisher has the words “Thirst Extinguisher” centering a fire helmet, between the letters “F” & “D” and above the instructions: “Apply Freely To Douse Internal Fires.” c.1960.

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