Carved Whaleboard by Captain George Grant

Carved Whaleboard by Captain George GrantCarved Whaleboard by Captain George Grant –  Sold!

Small carved and painted whale species board by Captain George Grant featuring twelve carved whales, mounted on a painted pine board with roped frame.

Signed on the back with description of whales carved. c. 1930, 8 ½” x 10 ½”.

George Grant (1857-1942), the son of nantucket’s most successful whaling captain Charles Grant, was born in Samoa in 1857 during a whaling voyage. His mother, Nancy Grant traveled with her husband and gave birth to all her children at ports in the Pacific.George Grant harpooned his first whale at age sixteen and continued in the whaling business into his thirties. Later in life he became the Nantucket Historical Association’s first curator of the Whaling Museum.

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